One of the features that sets Unwind Time apart from other coloring book apps is that you, the user, are in control of how many colors you can access. From within any of our coloring books, select your page and follow the following steps to define your color, shade, and opacity.

First, tap the blue paintbrush in the bottom left corner to open up your customizable palette.

Next, drag the marker around the color wheel to find your perfect hue. Once you have selected your hue, move on to the marker on the diamond inside the color wheel. Drag it around the diamond to find your perfect shade — as dark or as light as you prefer.

Finally, select your opacity. For some pictures, you’ll want a solid, opaque color filling the space. For others, you might prefer a lighter opacity, or want to be able to layer colors on top of each other. With our customizable color palette, you can do either.

Create unlimited colors with Unwind Time

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